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Expert Coaching For Oracle Security

Do you struggle to have the relevant expert Oracle security in house or resdily available when you need it to help with or direct any project that involves securing data in an Oracle database?

We work with a lot of companies helping on projects where the client needs expert fast relevant advice in any area related to Oracle Security. We get asked many times if we can be effectively contract employees on long term projects implementing, designing and assisting in any area related to Oracle security. Oracle security expertise is not widely available and whilst we would love to help everyone we cant go and work full time on someones project so we developed this service over many years and its a great compromise.

We can coach your staff in areas of Oracle security or we can directly help with your project.

We have developed this service to help people on any areas of Oracle security and it works well as we are able to be involved as a permanent member of the team but only involved when expertise and knowledge and coaching is needed. We are available for fixed pieces of work, to attend meetings on-line and generally advise. We charge a fixed rate per hour and you can bill us down to 5 minute slots. We will agree to be on a meeting for instance and charge for the time attended or we will agree a fixed time to produce a piece of work and charge for it. This is a really cost effective way to get help when you need it.

What Can We Help With Limited have helped many customers in many areas of Oracle Security over the years. These have included so far SSL, TLS, Advanced security, Kerberos authentication, CMU, Database Vault, Oracle Key Vault, encryption, audit trails, masking and much more.

How Does It work

How does this expert coaching work:

  • We agree the hourly fixed rate with you
  • You agree and specify tasks for us to help you with. This can be participating in a meeting, or consulting or producing a piece of work for you
  • We will agree in advance the amount of time and scope of each task; so no hidden charges
  • You can ask for as little as 5 minutes or days
  • No Advanced payments
  • We will bill you monthly and itemise the tasks in the invoice
  • We are then part of your team

Like to Hire, More Details?, Want To Partner?

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