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Our services in the cloud

Whether you run your Oracle databases in a private cloud or a public cloud such as Oracle, Google, Amazon or your run a hybrid cloud or you even have no cloud at all then we can still help you secure data in your Oracle databases. Our services / consulting are essentially the same whether you use Oracle on premise or in a cloud. We focus on securing the Oracle platform (The database and server that it runs on) and actual data security design; the security of the actual data held in the database. This focus means that even on premise whilst other elements are important such as network security (firewalls, segregated networks etc), desktop security and even physical security we only focus on the security of the data at the data layer.

This means that all of our training, products and services are valid on premise or in the cloud. Of course cloud also brings extra elements such as the overall design of the cloud deployment or more importantly the elements of cloud that affect the data security such as the producer / consumer responsibilites or even the location of the cloud.

Talk to us about securing your data in your Oracle database or about training how to secure your data in an Oracle database or to ask about how any of our software products can help you secure your data. Contact us by email at