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Cookies Limited Cookie Policy and Privacy Statement

UPDATE: This cookie policy was last updated 27-05-2018 (change history in comments)


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Cookie Policy

We at Limited are committed to complying with the EU and UK privacy law concerning the use of cookies and similar technologies and also in general with our existing use of personal information. The EU cookie law has dictated that website operators inform the users of their websites about cookies and what the website does with those cookies.

This act of informing an end user about what cookies are used dictates the website owner to know what cookies are actually used by his site. This means an audit of cookies used must be conducted. We at Limited have conducted detailed audits of all of our websites to find out what cookies are set.

The results of these audits first meant that we do not set any cookies in any of our websites.

The final part of the EU Cookie law is that users give consent for their use of cookies for services that they request unless the use of the cookie is not intrusive and it is not essential for the service requested. Because we do not use any cookies on our websites we cannot ask for consent to set cookies.

We are not infallible and we may have missed some cookies or pages so it is remotely possible that cookies get set that we have not found - although we have done our utmost to avoid this. If you find a cookie set by our website then please let us know but our understanding is that we do not set any at all

What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device/computer by a website or read from your device by a website. These files contain only text and are usually used to remember something to make a website visit more pleasant. An example would be your user ID so that you do not need to log into every single page visited. Cookies could also be used to remember preferences or settings. Cookies do not generally store personal information, they are often used in aggregate (summed up to give counts of things) and often contain randomly generated numbers. The EU has dictated that there could be privacy issues mostly brought about by intrusive tracking by some companies of users online behaviour.

Cookies cannot carry virus's and cannot install anything harmful to your computer. They are just text files

Cookies are safe as they are just plain text files

For more details about cookies visit

Should I Keep Cookies Turned On?

Cookies generally are good for websites and in general some features of websites will not work without cookies; this is because the internet is "stateless" - if I (Pete) access a website and then "Emil" accessed a website and we both want to buy a product on that site the pages of the website needs to know which user of the site is me (Pete) and which is "Emil". It does this by saving a "memory" of the site visit to the users browser by using cookies.

So it is a good idea to accept cookies as they are safe and they make parts of websites work.

Possible Types of Cookies

Cookies can have various "types". The can be "First Party" - which means that the cookie is set by the site visited by the user; they can be "Third Party" which means that even though a user visits a particular site another site may set a cookie. This usually occurs when a third party website's service is used in the first site - for instance showing a feed of twitter posts or showing a "buy" link from Amazon.

Both third party cookies and first party cookies can both be either "Session cookies" or "Persistent cookies". A session cookie is only saved in the browsers memory and is never written to the hard drive. Session cookies expire as soon as the user closes the browser. A persistent cookie has a specified life time set by its expiration date. This date can be any amount of time. The longer the persistence the longer your browser will remember the settings of the website that you have visited. Limited Cookies

The good news is that our websitedoes not use Cookies; We have worked hard to remove cookies.

Turning Off Cookies

If you wish to turn off cookies you can do this by using browser cookie preference settings. The help menu of your chosen browser will help you do this.

Remember for every part of our site no cookies are set anyway.

We do not link or process any cookie values with any other data that we hold or indeed process any other data