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PFCLScan - Security scanner for The Oracle Database

PFCLScan Version 3.0 is a very simple to use and very comprehensive audit tool to allow you to determine the most detailed view of your current Oracle Security issues. PFCLScan is easy to install and runs on a Windows PC but you can connect to any supported Oracle database and perform a detailed security audit of your own Oracle databases. PFCLScan is a sophisticated product that allows simple pre-defined policies and reports to be run by someone who is not skilled in Oracle database technology BUT it also allows custom policies to be built and used very easily. This makes it very easy and quick to create a report based on your compliance of your own Oracle database security policy

Here is a picture of PFCLScan showing the dashboard and also a single page report just after completing a scan of an Oracle database and also a scan of an Oracle database (PFCLScan supports Oracle databases from 9.2 to 23c):

PFCLScan Running Against an
						11g and 12.2c Oracle Database

PFCLScan has a very attractive and cost effective licensing scheme based on the installation of PFCLScan on a PC and once licensed and installed you are able to scan any number of databases during your license period. Here is a screen shot showing a password cracker report

PFCLScan Password Cracker report

PFCLScan is suitable for security consultants both internal and external to perform security audits of your Oracle databases or your customers but it is also suitable for internal use to check on-going compliance of all your Oracle databases. PFCLScan includes over 1100 built in checks to test security of your Oracle databases.

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PFCLScan brochure

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This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

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