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User Rights

PFCLUserRights - Tool to Perform Detailed User and Privilege Analysis Limited are in development of a tool to allow a detailed review of an Oracle database to assess what users exist and whether they are necessary and also a detailed review of their rights with a focus on reduction.

PFCLUserRights is is a Windows based software and it can be used by a security analysist or DBA to a detailed review of users and their rights in the Oracle database with a focus on reduction and standardisation of rights.

We are pre-release at this stage but if you would like to know more we will be happy to discuss the product with you. See below for contact details.

Like to Purchase, More Details?, Want To Partner?

Please email to enquire about the product; PFCLUserRights can also be used as part of a consulting engagement with where we can perform detailed analysis of your Oracle database and provide you with detailed reports of privileges and rights in the Oracle database. Alternately you can purchase a license for PFCLUserRights from us. Please email for details.